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What is the fee?

This program is completely free so that EVERY kid has a fair opportunity to participate. If you would like to make a donation so that our programs could be better please reach out to Sonakshi Das at 

Is admission guaranteed?

Currently, there is a limit of 30 spaces available. Although we would love to be able to provide lessons for all applicants, we are currently limiting the total number of acceptances in order to provide a more individualized learning experience.

How will applicants be selected?

Admission is chosen on a "first-come, first-serve" basis, so be sure to apply soon if you would like a higher chance of acceptance!

Need more answers?

No problem! Feel free to email us at or leave a message down below and we will be sure to respond within 1-3 business days.


Hello! We are three high school students who are putting together a program that will allow for younger students to explore science virtually. Our goal is to provide students with another way to get excited about learning and science. We want to give back to younger students and continue distance learning. Our teachers and parents inspire us daily, and our hope is that we can be an inspiration for you as well. 

Learn more about us in "Our story".

Our Mission (changes every session)

For our Septemeber sessions our focus is on Climate change. Climate change is a pressing issue in our world today that is often neglected in education and should become an integral part of any core science curriculum. Our goal for the upcoming sessions is to make complex topics related to environmentalism more accessible and digestible to young people interested in educating themselves about the challenges our planet is facing. We hope to create a platform for young minds to learn and discuss ways that we can combat climate change and live more sustainably.

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Our Team

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